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k√ľnstliche Bilder unseres realen Planeten

Buying prints

I get quite a lot of questions from visitors of the Views of the Earth who would like to obtain prints of the images shown on this site. I therefore try to offer a possibility to do so here.

To avoid making this too complicated i currently only offer a single print size. The size of the images is 12×17 cm. This size was chosen to keep the costs for printing, mat and shipping in an affordable range. The prints are matted and you can choose between three different mat colors - white, gray and black.

If you are interested in obtaining a larger print you can make an inquiry at the services and products. This can take significantly longer time to prepare though.

Since there are more than 150 views on this site i do not keep all the images in stock. Below you can find a list of prints currently available. I try to ship all orders of these views within a week. For all other views you can notify your interest and will get informed when it is available for ordering.

print photo print photo print photo
photos of sample prints


Pricing for the prints is indicated below. Note international payment is only accepted via Paypal. Inside the European Union you can also pay via EUR bank transfer. After you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation message with the payment details as soon as your print has been prepared for shipping.

If you order several prints together shipping costs will only need to be paid once. Prices are also given in USD but you will be billed in EUR.

Print 12×17 cm, Matted 20×28 cm: 15.00 EUR (15.00 USD)
with national shipping Germany (1.45 EUR): 16.45 EUR (16.45 USD)
with European shipping (3.45 EUR): 18.45 EUR (18.45 USD)
with international shipping (3.45 EUR): 18.45 EUR (18.45 USD)

Available Views

The following views are currently on stock as prints and are available for ordering. Click on the thumbnail image to get to the order page of this view

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