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Western Cape Region location map

Western Cape Region

The Western Cape region of South Africa, view from the east across the Outeniqua and Swartberg mountain ranges. The southmost point of the African Continent, the Cape Agulhas, can be seen on the left and the Cape of Good Hope in the far background.

View: Western Cape Region
Location: Lon 23.846°
Lat -33.334°
Altitude: 59 km
Direction: 260°
Camera Angle: 36°
User Rating: 2.7
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Western Cape Region location map
Western Cape Region

Visitor comments:

by Chris from El Salvador posted on Fri Feb 2 2007 00:25:02
I totally agree with all the comments posted in this column.My dad is southafrican and i went there a few years ago, and it is so far the most beautiful country i have ever visited.Great pics.
by Larry from Australia posted on Wed Jan 31 2007 03:23:25
yes it is beautiful, there are more beautiful places in the world that are safer to go to, \\r\\nsort out your crime and they (tourists) will come.\\r\\nuntill then you won't see me there again!!!
by Imelda from South Africa posted on Fri Jan 26 2007 17:19:28
South Africa is beautiful! We have just moved to the Western Cape from Johannesburg, on the south peninsular, and I must admit, the Cape is the best! We know we are priviliged to live here, what a wonderful environment for our children to grow up in. Whoever wants to come to Cape Town, do so, it is worth your while, you will not regret it and I know you will want to keep coming back. Hope to see you all soon. <Fish Hoek>
by KK from United States posted on Mon Dec 18 2006 02:57:32
Absolutely beautiful. I visited S.Africa this Feb and found my souls home!! It is absolutely gorgeous there and I look forward to my next (and many more) return!
by Leo Hourvitz from United States posted on Sun Sep 10 2006 21:57:46
Awesome imagery! Fills in the void between "from an airplane" height and "from a satellite" height. I agree with the other commenters, I loved the Cape when I visited in 2001. I'm from San Francisco and it felt like home (temperate climate, mixed culture, and a wine country 50km away!).\\r\\n\\r\\n
by frank from Germany posted on Wed May 3 2006 15:59:46
Meg, you are right Capetown is the nicest city in the world.\\r\\nI've been there for a couple of times, we lieved for two years in africa and we still come back....
by MEAGAN from South Africa posted on Thu Mar 30 2006 07:57:19
I have lived in the western care my entire life and I cant imagine living anywhere else.I have also met alot of visitors who are absolutely blown away by Cape Town's beauty.I am very proud to be a South African and would like to ask all South Africans to be proud of our beautiful country and to look after it.Don't litter!!!!!

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