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The Great Rift Valley location map

The Great Rift Valley

The Great African Rift Valley is a large breach in the crust of the earth where the African continent showly splits into two parts. Many lakes can be seen along the rift, among them the Lake Victoria, the largest lake of Africa.

View: The Great Rift Valley
Location: Lon 38.695°
Lat -17.822°
Altitude: 2829 km
Direction: 349°
Camera Angle: 30°
User Rating: 2.4
Location Map:    Visible Topography
The Great Rift Valley location map
The Great Rift Valley

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Visitor comments:

by BS Suresh from India posted on Sun Apr 22 2012 08:54:58
Excellant photography
by Ssekyanzi Joseph from Uganda posted on Thu Feb 16 2012 22:56:33
This was such great work done by you guys\\r\\nPlease keep up the spirit & get on moving.
by Rad from Iran posted on Tue Oct 18 2011 12:36:38
Sehr Gut
by anonymous Bob from United States posted on Sat Feb 26 2011 00:40:02
Good, but not well emphasized in parts. You drew it your self, I assume. It is certainly good art.
by Douglas JOry from Mexico posted on Tue Jul 27 2010 03:14:53
Thanks for making these images available - I am preparing for a journey to the Masai Mara and The Serengeti - your 'art' has assisted me in visualizing the terrain. \\r\\n\\r\\nSaludos, Douglas
by rickster from United States posted on Thu Jun 17 2010 20:03:24
The body round looking greenish brown all with blue stuff isn't anything but nothingness when combined,and defined what we falsely don't know! = ? Not life?\\r\\n
by nuts guy posted on Wed Apr 7 2010 05:51:39 do you do it?
by jackie from United States posted on Wed Feb 25 2009 22:43:32
im really amazed this is weird im only in sixth grade but im in love with science we are doing this project on the great rift valley and this is really helpful thx.
by Miranda from United States posted on Tue Jan 6 2009 01:58:55
These pictures were amazing and very helpful! I am in eighth grade and I am studying diverging continental plates. We are doing a report on the geographical results of the plates, which is a rift valley. This provided an interesting view of the rift valley and a very awesome visual! Thanks a ton, Miranda <3
by Danny from Uganda posted on Thu Oct 9 2008 09:41:07
I am Scottish but I am helping to train teachers in Uganda. I have used this image with our students. They are amazed and thrilled to see there country from space. Many of our students live on the edge of the rift valley\\r\\nThank you
by cheekz from United States posted on Wed Apr 2 2008 18:48:02
omg this is like soo awsom to the real i love this picture
by Tashi from United States posted on Tue Dec 4 2007 02:48:29
i love this picture where did you get it.
by Shawn Batlivala from United States posted on Wed Sep 5 2007 05:24:23
I also came to this site through a Knowledge News link. I've been to Olduvai Gorge and experienced it's brutal heat and harsh terrain. This website offers a wonderful view of the region that can only be seen from satellite imagery. This website is great, very user friendly, and offers fatastic images.
by Ms Niemczyk from United States posted on Thu Oct 26 2006 21:47:52
I came to this site because of an article in Knowledge News about the recent discovery in the Rift Valley of 3.3 million year old bones of a 3 year old child. I wante dto see what the Rift Valley looked lik and this was a great site for that. Very valuable. Thank you!\\r\\n
by Ms. Curi from United States posted on Tue Sep 19 2006 02:52:11
Great views! I am going to show these to my students to demonstrate what a rift valley looks like. Thanks!

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