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The Sea of Marmara location map

The Sea of Marmara

Between the Bosporus (background) and the Dardanelles (foreground) lies the Sea of Marmara connecting the Black sea to the Mediterranean Sea and marking the border between Asia and Europe. South of the Sea of Marmara the lakes Kuş Gölü Ulubat Gölü İznik Gölü and Sapanca Gölü can be seen.

View: The Sea of Marmara
Location: Lon 24.259°
Lat 39.631°
Altitude: 59 km
Direction: 72°
Camera Angle: 24°
User Rating: 2.6
Location Map:    Visible Topography
The Sea of Marmara location map
The Sea of Marmara

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Visitor comments:

by Reklam Ajansı from United States posted on Wed Dec 29 2010 16:27:14
Thanks for information.
by Grafiker from Turkey posted on Mon Mar 5 2007 09:13:04
World is soo small when you look from the sky. Do you belive that this canal is the place of TROY the legandary city of the Homeros Odsseus, where Achillius and Hektor lost their lifes.\\r\\nDo you also believe that for this canal British, French, Avustralian, New Zelland fight with Turks and Curchill was resigned for their loose from the Ministry of Defence. And 200.000 soilders were lost their lifes.\\r\\nAustralia and Newzelland still memoraties this day on 25th of April every year as the ANZAC day.
by BARBAROS from Turkey posted on Tue Jun 13 2006 18:27:28
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