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Patagonia location map


The southern end of South America consists of the mountains in the east, covered with snow and ice and the plains of Patagonia in the south of Argentina. The Strait of Magellan separates the Tierra del Fuego from the mainland. On the right are the Falkland Islands.

View: Patagonia
Location: Lon -74.865°
Lat -67.746°
Altitude: 2829 km
Direction: 10°
Camera Angle: 30°
User Rating: 2.6
Location Map:    Visible Topography
Patagonia location map

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Visitor comments:

by mARIANO from Brazil posted on Wed Jan 9 2008 00:12:04
Se são Malvlands ou Falklinas pouco importa. São Tão lindas... Por isso é que vamos perder em breve o direito de viver neste planetinha tão bacana. Maledetas pretensões humanas, vão legar o planeta as baratas. Quem sabe elas não o administrem melhor.
by Fabi from Argentina posted on Wed Feb 21 2007 04:19:55
que son las Falklands? solamente conozco las Malvinas y son las que estan en esa foto.
by pedrospindola posted on Mon Sep 4 2006 19:44:05
esta imagen es del sur de la argentina y de chile.\\r\\nla parte oriental de tierra del fuego y la costa atlantica incluyendo las islas malvinas son argentinas.\\r\\nla costa del pacifico con las cumbres nevadas y el estrecho de magallanes es de chile.
by BASILEUS posted on Mon Sep 4 2006 19:19:03
in fact magellan strait is chilean from coast to coast and the snowed pacific coast is chilean too.\\r\\ndesertic zones are argentinian, and the british falklands islands¿?\\r\\n\\r\\nbeautifull view but need a fixed comment
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